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Eliza Iqbal - Founder

Eliza follows in the footsteps of the entrepreneurs in her personal life - mum and dad, both of whom she lost at an early age. " Floral design brings me closer to my angel parents. "She says, " Growing up my mother had a beautiful garden and flowers always brought a smile to her face...My father was a successful businessman who made a life for us here and lived the American dream." 

As a child of immigrants, Eliza's goal is to reflect the hard work of her parents, and she does so with literal blood , sweat and tears poured into each arrangement and design that is made for you. 

The hours, while long and hard, are always worth it to Eliza. The smile on a clients face when they step into their wedding venue or even simply receiving a bouquet from their loved one, yields feeling unmatched and reminds her of her ultimate purpose to share love with the world.

Written By: Zoya Hasan 

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